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Unlimited everything for one low monthly price

No setup cost    |     No installation fees    |     No lengthy contracts

Unlimited monthly data  |   Unlimited devices per location  |   Unlimited download speeds up to 100Mbps

Digitalputty is a local San Luis Obispo business offering ultra fast Internet connections over wireless broadband networks. Utilizing only the latest technology, founded on decades of professional business and telecommunications experience, Digitalputty has been setting new levels of expectations for the local service provider for two decades.


I founded digitalputty in 1999 after a decade of work in various industries as a product development engineer and information technology expert. I graduated from Cal Poly. Before that, Cuesta College. Before that, Coast Union High School in Cambria. Before that, Cayucos Elementary School. The roots of this company could not be more local.

The Central Coast is my home and I am proud to have been the entire Community's best full service IT Department for the last two decades.


Digitalputty started with 56K dialup services and pushed the envelope with their policies, reliability, and personal attention. We quickly brought on a full offering of services including webhosting, email, etc. in an era where those services were only available at the local level.

Digitalputty did it all.

Digitalputty was the first ISP to bring High Speed DSL to our community.

Digialputty was the first ISP to offer high speed Wireless Broadband to the Central Coast.

Digitalputty has been delivering high speed Internet over WiFi for almost 20 years. There is no company that has been serving your community longer or better.

Digitalputty is the best at what we do.

Digitalputty is presently the only WiFi provider to be able to deliver 100Mbps download speeds to your enterprise, business, home, or game console, and we have the largest coverage area of any other WISP in our area.

We delight in constantly pushing the envelope and bringing you the best possible service available at the best possible prices and doing so long before any other company can.

Ask us about our specialty, NAN (Neighborhood Area Network) designs to help out isolated and under served neighborhoods.

Thank you for having us in your community for so many years and for allowing us to continue to serve you with our latest innovations.


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