digitalputty all of your favorite media apps over one pipe #htmlcaption accelerate profit while reducing frustration from our state of the art towers to your location with attractive kit and discrete installation courteous, professional, reliable, and ... by far the fastest fish in the land !  sky.  whatever.

Unlimited everything for one low monthly price

No setup cost    |     No installation fees    |     No lengthy contracts

Unlimited monthly data  |   Unlimited devices per location  |   Unlimited download speeds up to 100Mbps


Reliable ultra fast Internet for your business supporting all of your employees. Ideally suited for the small to mid size company. Easy low cost deployment gets you setup quickly. Enterprise performance at affordable pricing.

Delivering on the promise of convergent home entertainment offering speeds into the home capable of supporting all of your entertainment and intellectual needs. Cancel your cable, satellite, and landline to take full advantage of media convergence.

Low pings and fast downloads allowing you to maximize your online gaming potential. No more getting beaten due to low performance unresponsive Internet connections. #p0wn3d


We understand the importance of reliable Internet connectivity to the ongoing operation of today's business. We not only provide ultra fast connectivity at affordable prices, we also provide 7/24 real time proactive monitoring of all our clients and network devices which allows us to prevent problems before they occur.

As media has converged onto one pipe into the home, ISURUS Communications has maintained a level of network service to support all of todays Internet consumer's needs such as multiple simultaneous HD Quality streams to your network appliances, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC's.

It's about time you realized your true online gaming potential. ISURUS Communications has built the network you have been waiting for. We provide high data rates accompanied by low ping times with monthly pricing competitive with traditional hardline delivery methods and far exceeding satellite based IP Transport performance and pricing.

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